Why Peartree

We are a Business Financing Broker for 13 of the Largest, Most Respected Small Business Financing Companies!

Our Competitive Edge - Don't Harm Your Credit Getting Business Financing!

We are a full service business financing brokerage that has over 50+ years of experience behind us. Whether you are looking for business financing, leasing options or a commercial mortgage, we have the product necessary to make your business a success. We have a large network of financing, leasing and factoring companies at our fingertips just waiting to help your business grow. We remove all the guesswork, take your file from the application through to the funds being deposited into your account. This allows you to do what you do best; run your business. No need to keep looking around, wasting your valuable time. We will find the best lender for you and protect your credit at the same time!

How We are Different

Our brokerage approach has been proven to be a significant advantage to our clients and we can do the same for you. When it comes to funding whether it is a Merchant Cash Advance, a Business Loan, Leasing or Factoring, every company that offers these products have different policies in place. Because of the large network we work with, we have the ability to guarantee you with the lowest rates and the best re-payment terms available. In many cases, we get lenders bidding against each other for your business which could reduce your cost thereby realizing significant savings.

Every direct lender has a different set of criteria and underwriting policies which determines if your business qualifies. Then, assuming your business does qualify how much you would qualify for, the cost (rate), and the repayment terms. Direct lenders include such companies as Merchant Advance Capital, Company Capital LLC, Advanceit (now called Thinking Capital), iCapital, True North Capital (now called Capify), Amerimerchant, Business Financial Services, Premium Capital, Snap Advances, Principis and Yellowstone Capital (just to name a few). When you apply directly to one of these direct lenders and get declined, this becomes public knowledge and shows on your credit bureau thereby making it even more difficult to get approved by another company (which would have likely approved your business prior to the decline).

What We Do to Insure an APPROVAL and Protect Your Credit

As full service brokers we will take your file, compile and analyze it prior to submitting it to the direct lender that best fits your business situation. Factors in determining whether lenders will fund a business include business industry, bank strength, use of funds, length of time in business, monthly sales, lease or ownership of business property and the credit worthiness of the owner(s); just to name a few. Once we have completely analyzed the clients file and have determined the best "match", we package the file and send it off. THIS PROCESS HELPS PROTECT YOURS AND YOUR BUSINESSES CREDIT!

How Can I find out How Much my Business Would Qualify For

Simply fill-out the "Free Consultation" form to the right and one of our Business Financing Specialists will get back to you within 24 hours.