Super Bowl Commercials: Ryan Reynolds Is Everyone In This Hyundai Ad

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The Super Bowl kicks off this Sunday.

And that means a few things: good snacks, great football, and even better commercials leading up to the big game.

Hyundai released an ad Monday featuring Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds, playing every single resident in a town known as “Ryanville.”

You see Reynolds playing football, Reynolds using a jackhammer, and even Reynolds as a dog-walker who is nearly hit by a Hyundai Elantra.

The point of the ad is to show that the car “doesn’t get distracted” by anything or anyone.

The new Elantra boasts a feature known as “Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection.” It uses a radar sensor and camera to stop the car if the driver doesn’t react to an obstacle in time.

(Anything to save Ryan Reynolds’ pretty face!)

The ad also comes shortly before his Vancouver-shot film “Deadpool” is set to hit theatres.

Last week, Reynolds admitted to having smuggled an apple pie back from his hometown to the U.S. for his wife Blake Lively.

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