Battlefords News-Optimist Admits There's No News On Its Front Page

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Filling a community newspaper can be a challenge — but there are always stories to tell, even when the weather’s nasty.

The Battlefords News-Optimist in North Battleford, Sask. felt differently this week — it determined there wasn’t enough news to warrant a front-page article in its Tuesday issue.

The newspaper printed a front-page article noting that “there isn’t really anything happening in the news this week.”

Area resident Rylee Schuhmacher tweeted a picture of the newspaper on Tuesday:

The front-page story reads as follows:

“To be truthful, there isn’t really anything happening in the news this week.

Not that it isn’t worth picking up the paper, there are some interesting items inside. But, it’s January, the weather has taken a nasty turn and there just isn’t much happening.

The North Battleford Fire Department did see some action on the weekend, attending a dumpster fire and a couple false alarms. Not really very exciting, but that news item does make one wonder about the mentality of someone torching a dumpster in sub-Arctic weather.

One could surmise they did it for the warmth, but when a dumpster is set ablaze it probably isn’t a great idea to hang around to roast marshmallows. When the firefighters show up a cozy room down at the local klink might be the next stop.

There is an item inside about eight-year-old actor Isaiah Tootoosis who appears in ‘The Revenant,’ an Oscar-nominated movie opening at the Capitol Theatre Friday. Isaiah will be there to sign autographs.

For more see inside.”

Tootoosis is an eight-year-old actor from the Poundmaker Cree Nation, which is located close to North Battleford.

In “The Revenant,” he plays Hawk, the son of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, who is mauled by a bear and left for dead.

Schuhmacher told BuzzFeed Canada that wasn’t the only story that could have made the News-Optimist’s front page.

There was also a piece about Walking With Our Sisters, an art exhibit that focuses on missing and murdered indigenous women. It’s showing at the City of North Battleford Chapel Gallery from Jan. 15 to Feb. 7.

“I was weirded out that they would be like, ‘There’s no news — by the way here are two things that are news,'” she told the website.

Clearly, there’s more happening in North Battleford than this newspaper’s front page lets on.

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