'Luso', A Farm Near Orangeville, Has Bowling, An Arcade And A Zipline

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“The ultimate playground.”

There isn’t a better descriptor for this farm near Orangeville, Ont. that’s on the market for $3,888,888.

The 100-acre property, located in East Garafraxa, is a private estate with amenities such as a bowling alley, a pool, an arcade and a poker room.

That’s just inside. Outdoor features include freshwater ponds, zipline, ATVs, dirt bikes and snowmobiles.

And that’s STILL not all you’ll find.

The property currently serves as a second home for the owner and his family, The National Post reported.

A previous owner diverted a water body to create the two freshwater ponds where you can go fishing.


He said the next owner could put the farm to all kinds of uses, whether it be a “resort … a family retreat,” or even a camp.

Some may be reminded of the 1994 comedy “Blank Check,” about a 12-year-old boy who spends $1 million on a mansion with a water slide, go-kart track and inflatable boxing ring.

This property doesn’t quite have all those amenities. But it’s not far off.

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