New Year, New Job, New You

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It’s a new year and you are one week into eating salad, and exercising more. You want to make more money but you aren’t sure how. You think, “I will find a new job!”

So in 2016 how will you make this year different?

Without goals you will fail so just like any resolution you need to know what your true goals are and then narrow it down from “I want a new job” to “I want to work here at this company or ABC OR D similar company in said position.” You have to narrow it down and have a reason/motivation to make the change. You can’t just say “I want a new job,” you need a clear direction.

After knowing where you want to go, first find out if your current employer can help you. It’s always easier to stay where you are and move up then make a huge change: mentally and physically. Once you know there is no internal measure that can help, look at your resume and ensure it is tailored to suit your current goals. A resume done even two years ago is out of date, so don’t be afraid to apply to different places and make yourself visible.

Your superiors will not find out you are looking. Everything you do is a risk, and this too is a risk but it is not a big one. In my 10 years of running a headhunting firm I have never once had a company call a current employer of one of our candidates. It is completely unethical and no one would want that done to them so they wouldn’t do it to others. If you are smart regarding your job search it really should not happen. People really do have doctor appointments and take lunches and come to work late. Some future employers will interview early morning and wait for you later in the day. And PLEASE do not tell anyone in the office, they will be the ones to spill the beans.

So if you thought about making a change in 2015 and didn’t then chances are you also wanted to make more money and lose weight and didn’t and the reason was you said it but you didn’t mean it. You didn’t have a plan. The golden nugget is getting yourself out there, networking, getting on business networking sites, reaching out to recruiters, and actually looking at what is possibly out there.

There will be no new you, if you don’t really want to change.


Source: HP

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