Canadians Could Win The US$1.5B Powerball Jackpot, And Here's How

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January 13, 2016
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January 13, 2016

The Powerball frenzy has swept the United States, and Canadians aren’t immune either.

While drawing for the US$1.5 billion jackpot takes place in the U.S., those north of the border can still enter, although there are some caveats.

Canadians have to buy their tickets in the U.S., from either a licensed retailer or an online reselling agent, which will send you a photo.

Also, if you drive over the border to buy one, you may want to find a safe place to keep it — CTV reports that an obscure U.S. law could prohibit Canadians from bringing their tickets back into the U.S. to claim them, one that bans the import of “immoral articles.”

But there is some good news: if someone from Canada does, by some chance, happen to win, they could actually take home millions more than an American would, The Huffington Post Canada’s Daniel Tencer points out.

The next draw is Wednesday at 10:59 p.m. EST. Care to try your luck? Watch the video above first to learn more.
Source: HP

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