Ruggie Alarm Clock Won't Shut Up Until You Step On It

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January 12, 2016
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January 13, 2016

Lazybones, rejoice.

A Vancouver man has invented an alarm clock — which is actually more of a rug — that won’t shut up until you stand on it for at least three seconds.

The mat, called Ruggie, has a built-in clock, “snooze-proof” sensor, and can even be programmed with a daily motivational quote to get you goin’ on a good note.

This is either really annoying or the best thing ever.

“Too many times I’ve over-snoozed. I know how it feels, it sucks,” creator Winston Tam told The Huffington Post. “There is so much resistance in the morning, the warm comfy bed, the cold floors, that awesome dream we just had.”

Tam, an SFU student, used Kickstarter to fund the $50,000 project and surpassed the goal in less than a week.

The Ruggie’s design process will now move into its final stages, with delivery to project backers expected in the fall, according to its Kickstarter page.

We can’t decide if we love or despise this clever idea already, but congrats, Winston!

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