Israeli Reporter Actually Stabbed While Testing Knife-Proof Vest

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This may not have been the best advertisement.

While testing out a company’s anti-stabbing vest for a TV segment, Israeli reporter Eitam Lachover was actually injured, according to CNN.

“You are going to stab me with this?” Lachover asks Yaniv Montakyo, a company vice-president.

“Yes, you have nothing to worry about, we are very confident in our product,” Montakyo, who works for FMS Enterprises, responds.

He then repeatedly stabbed Lachover in the back, but the knife actually pierced the vest, BBC reports.

The reporter wrote on Twitter that he received stitches for superficial wounds.

Montakyo told Channel 2 that he stabbed Lachover in a part of the item that didn’t contain protective material, according to the BBC.

The journalist wasn’t injured in an earlier take of the demo, which was set to air Wednesday, a representative for Israel’s state broadcaster told the Telegraph.

The company’s CEO told CNN that the material hadn’t been secured inside the vest Lachover was wearing, so it shifted down, leaving an upper part unprotected.

The vests were created after a number of recent stabbings in Israel.

You can watch the whole cringe-worthy segment above.
Source: HP

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