Gas Prices Dropping In Vancouver And B.C.

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January 8, 2016
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Gas prices are dropping in Vancouver, with some stations selling for as low as $1.11, but the prices in the region still remain among the highest in North America.

According to the GasBuddy website the prices have been dropping since the start of the new year.

Outside of Metro Vancouver in Abbotsford where TransLink taxes are not applied, gas is selling for as low as $1.05.

The lowest prices in the province are found in Prince George, where drivers are paying $0.93.

But most drivers in the province are still paying more than the rest of Canada, where prices average about $0.97.

The drop in gas prices comes as the price of crude oil has fallen by nearly 50 per cent over the past year.

But it is worth noting most consumers are still paying more for gas compared to the same time last year.

Gas prices in B.C. tend to be higher than the rest of the country, in part, because of the province’s carbon tax.

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