Marissa Mayer Baby: Yahoo CEO Gives Birth To Twins

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Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer announced the birth of her twin daughters on Thursday morning via Twitter.

Mayer’s husband is Zachary Bogue, who is a lawyer and investor. The Bogue-Mayer clan is now five strong with the birth of the identical twins. They are joining their three-year-old brother Macallister.

On Yahoo’s Tumblr account, Mayer added to the birth announcement, writing: “Thanks to everyone for all of the support and well wishes throughout my pregnancy.”

If her first pregnancy is any indication, Mayer will return to work soon. After giving birth to her son, the CEO only took a few weeks off for maternity leave.

She appeared on CNBC on Wednesday and was asked about taking leave after the twins’ arrival. Her response was: “It will happen later this month. And yes there’s always a lot to do on both the home front and the work front.”

When Mayer learned she was having twins, she was very surprised. Back in September, she posted the following statement to Tumblr: “The twins part was quite a surprise, because I have no family history of twins or any other predisposing factors. However, as I’ve now learned, identical twins occur by random chance in roughly one out of approximately every 300 pregnancies. Zack and I have embraced the surprise and are very excited about these new additions to our family.”


Source: HP

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