Google Shuts Down Songza, Launches Free Streaming Music In Canada

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TORONTO — Say goodbye to Songza.

Nearly a year and a half after Google acquired the popular music streaming service, the technology company will shut it down as of Jan. 31, choosing to integrate Songza’s popular Concierge playlist features into its own Google Play Music.

The move comes as Google looks to step up its game in the increasingly competitive streaming music industry.

Google Play Music — which has only been available in the past as a paid subscription service — will now also have a free version supported by advertisements in Canada.

That puts it in line with Spotify, one of its biggest competitors, which also has a free version with ads.

Songza was formed in 2007 and arrived in Canada about five years later when alternate streaming music options were sparse.

The company built a reputation on its Concierge feature, which offers up playlists designed for various moods and a roster of listener activities, from cooking to “breaking up.”

Concierge was so popular that it inspired other streaming music service companies to launch similar features.

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